Head Shots at Main Street Loft, Broken Arrow

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I love commercial photography. My business education and experience in the business world make it really easy for me to relate to clients, and understand their needs. I was recently hired to shoot head shots for TAHRA, a local human resources organization. Their event was at the Main Street Loft in Broken Arrow, which is right above the Main Street Tavern. It was a beautiful venue, and a pleasure working with TAHRA. I suppose it should be no surprise that a group of human resources professionals would be very personable!

I know this post is about a head shot job, and you aren’t seeing headshots. Well, due to the nature of the job, I would need permission from the organization and the individual to post their headshots publicly, and I didn’t feel it was necessary to ask that of them. I already have head shots in my portfolio, so I will give you the detail shots I took between sessions. It really was a nice venue!

I kept my on location set up pretty simple. Two studio strobes with shoot through umbrellas, and my collapsible white backdrop. This is an easy set up for on location jobs. I can actually carry all of my gear in one trip. Not pictured are the carrying cases, bags, and back up camera gear.

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