Luke & Krista Engagement Photos

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My brother Luke is getting married! A few weeks ago we went out to my land and took some engagement photos. These two are adventurous and outdoorsy,  so they wanted to do their pictures in a woodsy setting that didn’t look like a park. I have a lot on the Verdigris River east of Catoosa. We plan to build there some day, but for now, it is wilderness, woods, and cliffs. The weather was beautiful, and the setting was perfect. My wife came along to assist, and we all had a great time!

Another great thing about using my own land was that we were able to start a campfire. Not something you can do at Woodward Park!

The lot is on a gravel road, and there are only 3 houses built thus far. I love this “knot” picture. The knot is an obvious cute symbol of “tying the knot”, and the blurry leading lines of the gravel road are a symbol of the journey they are about to take together. Also, it is a great opportunity to feature the ring (way to go Luke!).

We found this really cool arching tree near the river. It provided a fun frame for this shot. The angle gave us an interesting lens flare. Everything going on here gave me an “indie film” feel, so I decided to give it a cross-process look.  I am happy with the result!

When we made it back to the cars, there was a beautiful orange/purple sunset. The couple asked about doing a silhouette sunset picture, so we seized the opportunity.

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